Why Hire Me?

You are a high tech company with an outstanding product. You just need someone to help you communicate the value of that product to a broad audience — an audience that consists not only of prospective customers and potential investors, but also journalists and bloggers who want to capture and retell your story.

That is where I step in. I’m a media strategist with 15 years of experience writing about technology. I can translate your engineer-speak into crisp, clear language, so people outside your company can understand and appreciate the value in what you do. I write press releases, Web content, technical papers and everything in between. But that’s not all. I also manage and coordinate larger projects when you have multiple writers and reviewers involved.

Because I work independently, you can call me whenever you need extra hands on deck. I can step in at the beginning of a project to review your goals and help you get things going, or I can come in during the middle of a project when you get stuck or simply need extra help.