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Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.46.22 AMI am an independent journalist and freelance writer based in Cambridge, MA. I have been writing about high tech in one form or another for about two decades.

In the last several years, I’ve become captivated by bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. My stories on the topic have appeared in The BlockBitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk and Forbes.

I’m a nocoiner, meaning I don’t hold any crypto assets. A few years ago, I had some bitcoin, but to borrow a line from Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, “Part of my happiness is not to have worries, so I sold it all and just got rid of it.”

I am available for freelance work, and I generally agree to interviews. (I was recently featured in this BBC radio show talking about QuadrigaCX.) You can reach me via email. I’m also active on Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Among the hundreds of stories I’ve written on crypto, I’ve picked a few favorites and posted them here. I also have a crypto news blog. Check out my recent posts:

July 2019

News: Bitmarket CEO turns up dead, Bitfinex to NYAG: ‘Yeah but no but,’ more weirdness from Tron

News: Former Wex CEO arrested, CFTC probes BitMEX, Facebook’s Libra grilled in Washington

News: NYAG calls Bitfinex out, Bitfunder founder off to jail, Roubini pissed at Bitmex

June 2019

My story in Decrypt: “QuadrigaCX CEO traded millions in fake funds to fund luxury lifestyle, alleges trustee”

I wrote “Bitcoin ATMs—Why Vancouver doesn’t want them”

CLAM flash crash forces Poloniex to socialize $14 million worth of BTC in losses—what happened

The HODLcast: “QuadrigaCX with Amy Castor and David Gerard”

May 2019

News: LEO is getting pumped, Cryptopia scrambles to save its data, Poloniex says it’s stopped ignoring customers

“QuadrigaCX traders lost money on Cryptopia on the same day in January” —my first story for Decrypt

News: Kraken sets out to raise millions, Circle is cutting staff, Bitfinex scores another tiny victory in court

Turns out, you can make money on horse manure, and tethers are worth just that

QuadrigaCX Trustee’s Preliminary Report: “Yup, looks like your money’s all gone”

News: $250 million longs wiped out by bitcoin whale, Binance reopens withdrawals, Bitfinex set to trade LEO

NY Supreme Court Judge: Bitfinex may not touch Tether’s reserves for 90 days

Reginald Fowler, man tied to missing Bitfinex funds, out on $5 million bail

News: Money laundering in real time, Binance has you covered, maybe, and Bitfinex is ready to IEO with LEO

Binance hacked to the tune of $41 million, but no worries, funds are SAFU

Bitfinex to NYAG: You have no authority! We did nothing wrong!

The HODLcast: A deep dive into Bitfinex with Amy Castor

NYAG: Bitfinex needs to submit docs and stop dipping into Tether’s reserves

News: More Bitfinex drama, Crypto Capital, a dodgy football businessman and a relationship coach

US Government wants man at center of massive “cryptocurrency scheme” held without bail

April 2019

New York Attorney General: Bitfinex is hiding $850 million in losses

TalkGold — the ponzi forum where Quadriga’s Patryn and Cotten first met

News: Craig Wright files more libel suits, exchanges respond by delisting BSV, and Arwen launches

Judge extends Quadriga’s creditor protection, and EY squabbles with third-party payment processor

News: 51-foot yacht for sale, Bitfinex enables margin trading with Tether, and Fake Satoshi threatens legal action

Quadriga: Patryn, Cotten, and Midas Gold—a Liberty Reserve exchanger

News: EY goes after Quadriga’s payment processors, more exchange hacks, and the SEC tells us what we already know

EY recommends Quadriga shift to bankruptcy, moves to preserve Robertson’s assets, and wrestles with payment processors

I’m in a podcast—“Why Won’t Amy Castor Just Shut Up About QuadrigaCX!”

March 2019

News: WB21 rebrands, Patryn is without a doubt Dhanani, and Quadriga creditors now have a committee

CipherBlade CSO and founder Richard Sanders responds

Blockchain analytics firm CipherBlade steps in to launder ShapeShift’s image

News: Quadriga’s law firm steps down, WB21 bullies another reporter, and Tether admits it’s running a fractional reserve

Quadriga’s representative withdraws from CCAA hearings over potential conflict of interest

News: I’m speaking in Vancouver, Kraken’s obsession with Quadriga, and Patryn may have been trading on BitMEX

On and (literally) off the road to Quadriga—our perilous drive to Halifax

Court grants Quadriga a 45-day stay and approves appointment of a new mouth to feed: a chief restructuring officer

Third EY monitor’s report on Quadriga reveals empty bitcoin cold wallets and a dribbling of new funds

Diving into WB21, the company holding $9 million of Quadriga money

February 2019

‘Platform error’ blamed for BTC being sent to Quadriga’s dead CEO’s cold wallet

Two law firms appointed to represent QuadrigaCX creditors

News: Quadriga, Quadriga, Quadriga

How the hell did we get here? A timeline of Quadriga events

News: Quadriga has gone bust, Kik is fighting back, and tether rose to fourth place, briefly

Social media startup Kik is kicking back—at the SEC

News: Radio silence from QuadrigaCX, wash trading doesn’t pay, and KYC data turning up on the dark web

January 2019

News: ETC hacker returns money, Constantinople can wait, and a new twist in the QuadrigaCX saga

The curious case of Tether: a complete timeline of events

News: ETC hit by 51% attack, Tron is a marketing machine, and India’s banks want nothing to do with bitcoin

After impressive claims, image rights platform KodakOne still has a lot to explain

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