Earlier this week, I was interviewed by artist Alan Keane for a podcast. He edited the recording and posted it on Youtube today. Keane runs a weekly arts program via Zoom in Ireland. He has a large following of professional artists.

Several of them had been asking him about NFTs, so he found me on the internet, and roped me into an interview. I explained what an NFT is — basically a crypto token on a blockchain that points to an image on a website somewhere. It doesn’t contain any actual art, and if the link pointing to the JPEG goes bad, the NFT becomes worthless.

In other words, NFTs are nothing more than a gimmick to get artists to feed their hard-earned cash into the crypto ecosystem, and more often than not, they get nothing in return.

I also tried to capture the importance that fungible tokens play in helping NFT promoters cash out on NFTs. This was, of course, just a few days before Bored Ape Yacht Club announced their Apecoin, which I wrote about yesterday on my blog.

The volume on my end is a little low in this interview, so I may need to adjust my microphone next time. I’m open to ideas and suggestions!

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