Barely a week into 2023, and we’ve already got another post for you. This one is on David’s blog. [David Gerard]

We’ve reached the stage in the crypto collapse where everyone is pointing at someone else. Gemini is pointing at Genesis and DCG. Three Arrows Capital is also pointing at DCG. 

Also in this update:

  • Teneo finally served Zhu and Davies via Twitter and email.
  • FTX’s lawyer Daniel Friedberg flips on SBF. 
  • The NY AG is suing Mashinsky for Celsius.
  • Voyager wants to accept a bid from Binance US, but everybody still hates Binance. 
  • Silvergate Bank is doing just great. 
  • Wintermute, the new FTX standing.

Image: We’re all trying to find the guy who did this, but in stereo.

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