We have a new post out. This one is on David’s blog. [David Gerard]

Cameron Winklevoss publishes another open letter — to DCG shareholders. Barry Silbert responds, sort of.

CeFi lending firm Nexo gets raided in Bulgaria. Voyager receives the go-ahead to sell $1 billion in customer assets to Binance US.

SBF is blogging now. He really needs a copy of Dan Lyon’s new book STFU

Metropolitan Bank jumps ship — they are out of the crypto business entirely — and Signature Bank is doing just fine.

David’s on Blind Spots Markets Live tomorrow, Friday January 13 at 11 a.m. UTC.  It’s basically a group text chat. He’ll be talking (typing) about the crypto markets trash fire. You need to login  to a website called Coodash. Sign up here. 

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